If you think about it, you will probably realize that each of us has some kind of ideas every now and then. Even if you are not focused on doing something new like starting your own business, you will come up with some ideas. But, only a small number of people are testing their ideas in real life. There are also many situations in which people are consumed with some ideas and the people around them like their relatives and friends are discouraging them. These are just some of the reasons why less than 5% of ideas are actually tested. This is especially true for business ideas because there is money involved in the process. It turns out that many people are concerned that they will lose money in this process and that’s why they don’t want to test their ideas.

We will use this article to encourage people who want to test their business ideas by providing a simple guide that should help them.

Writing down your thoughts

The truth is that any idea looks more authentic, valid and serious when it is written down. This is the reason why you should try to write the idea you have whenever you get one in your head. After that, rewrite the idea and make it look like a clear concept. In addition, take some time to list the benefits that you can expect from your business ideas and think about the benefits of buyers. By doing this, you will get an improved version of your initial idea.

Think about the potential buyers

The next step in the process is to figure out who will buy this unique idea. You must find the target clients. Think about the customer groups – young people, the elderly, men, women, people who love sports etc. The idea must be attractive to the target customers.


In case you think that you are ready to implement your business idea, it is time to check the things that are a need for this implementation. Consider the amount of money, the knowledge, skills, and technology you will need, the number of people needed for a project like this, infrastructure, legal approvals, permits, compliance, deadlines etc.

Create a business plan

Finally, create a business plan, a document that will provide information based on the idea. With its help, you’ll get a great guide that will help you implement the business ideas in the real world.