Market your Business Without these 9 Mistakes

A good marketing campaign will serve several functions for your business. It will create top of mind awareness with the customers, and it will allow you to connect with prospects. However, there are some common mistakes you should avoid when you set out to market your business.

If you do not have a good plan, you will find that you are spending a lot of money with no tangible return on investment. Yet, the reality is that marketing can be inexpensive, if the business owner just takes a little time to do some basic research, and apply a little creativity. 

We will explore some common marketing mistakes, and how you can avoid making them.

1. Not incorporating research into your marketing campaign

Do not think about launching a marketing campaign without doing proper market research. If you jump into the process, you will base a lot of decisions on guesswork, and will not be able to gauge whether or not whatever you’re doing is making sense. 

Take some time off and do proper research on everything, including what you’re offering, pricing, packaging, and customer preferences, among others. Test whatever you plan to do with a few customers before you do a full-scale launch.

2. Not having a marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy is essential for the success of any business. Once you have the plan in place, you need to continually review it, so that you make the appropriate adjustments, depending on how the campaign is proceeding. 

Pay close attention to any data you collect because it will tell you whether what you are doing is working or it needs tweaking. Consider this a long-term project because you should never stop reviewing your marketing campaigns.

3. Not having a proper understanding of your target market

There is nothing that is as ineffective as blanket marketing. Consumers are different in their needs and preferences, and no one product or service fits all. You need to come up with a customer profile that has a lot of important detail including, income levels, sex, age, purchasing habits, marital status, number of children to name a few variables you need to collect.

Once you have this information, it will be easier for you to target your business marketing strategies appropriately.

4. Not having a good understanding of online platforms

Without a good knowledge of the online platforms, there is no way you will be able to take advantage of the potential of this marketing space. It is important to note, what may work well on Snapchat or Instagram will not necessarily do well on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Understand each platform and target your communication accordingly. For example, a platform like LinkedIn is perfect for professionals, and the conversation should be factual and straight to the point. 

Snapchat, on the other hand, is suitable for teenagers and you will benefit from high-quality pictures and catchy taglines. Instagram will work well for people who are into fashion and Lifestyle, but you’ll also need to invest in good quality pictures, to grab the attention of anyone who is on your page.

5. Not having a proper focus or positioning

Any marketing manager has to put the customer’s needs into consideration. This is the one step that is vital if you plan to increase your growth. You can increase the growth of your company by acquiring more customers and having those who actually buy products. If you don’t have a campaign with proper positioning, you will find that you are pouring money down the drain.

6. Not having a website

The modern business cannot ignore the importance of having an excellent website. Many consumers base their purchase decision on what they research online, and they have a lot of faith in the search engines.

Your website will be that place where the potential customers go to look for information. It is also the place that allows you to communicate with your customers, whether it is answering simple questions or giving relevant product information.

7. Not focusing on SEO

A smart business owner knows the value of having a blog. Go to the website of big established companies’ and you will see how busy their blog pages are. 

For a blog page to be useful, you need to have the right SEO strategy which will give you a high ranking on the search engines; factor in keywords, descriptions, title tags, articles with good content, among others. 

As a business owner, you have no excuse not to take advantage of the online tutorials that will show you how to employ SEO when running a business website.

8. Paying too much attention to your competitors

Before you launch a campaign, it is imperative that when doing your market research, you understand what your competitors are doing. Unfortunately, some business owners fall into the trap of trying to mimic the competition. Do not come up with ‘clever’ campaigns that are a slight tweak from what businesses similar to you are doing. You will end up getting the label of a copycat and in the worst case scenario; no one will respond to your activities.

9. Forgetting your customers

The biggest marketing tool you have is a happy customer. Turn the happy customer into an advocate by requesting for testimonials, and referrals. Go a step further and ask for their permission to do a case study, so that you can use this information to generate interest for your company.

Third party endorsement is more powerful than any marketing strategy you will apply in your company; best of all, the happy customer will give it to you for free.

Final thoughts

Any marketing campaign you launch for your business will only work if you put some thought into it. Do your research, leverage on the online space, have quality content on your website, and most of all, do not forget your customer in any of your plans.

Marketing should not be a time-consuming, expensive exercise. By avoiding the mistakes, we have highlighted above; you are more likely to achieve success in whatever you do